TeamPoint Field Service Management software makes your business more efficient meaning you can can grow without recruiting additional staff.  TeamPoint improves customer service and satisfaction making it easier to win repeat business and new deals.  TeamPoint ensures you get paid promptly for all the work you do.

TeamPoint costs less than the savings it generates.  TeamPoint will save you money.

Conservative saving estimates that can be achieved for a 10-van service operation:

Item Annual Cost Percentage Saving Amount Saved
Operative Costs £500,000 10% £50,000
Admin Costs £100,00 25% £25,000
Finance Costs £10,000
Total Saving £85,000


Additionally, there are savings to be made through fuel/tyre savings, reduced staff turnover, reduced customer turnover, better operational and strategic decision making.

Approximate total savings for a 10-van operation would be £100,000 / year. If you have a larger operation you can multiply this by your number of vans.

Scaling up to a bigger operation makes bigger savings possible:

# Operatives Potential Saving
10 £100,000
50 £500,000
100 £1,000,000
200 £2,000,000
500 £5,000,000

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