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2.1 Moving Stock

Category: Managing Stock

Stock can be replenished at one location by transferring stock from another location.  There are 2 ways this can be done.


1 From ‘Products To Re-Order’

On the home page click [Products To Re-Order] – this shows you all stock items that need replenishing grouped by stock location. The ‘available’ column tells you how much of that stock item is available at other stock locations.  You can click on the available column to show all locations and levels.

To move stock into a location click the [Move Stock] button to the right of the location name.  This takes you to the Move Stock page :

 Choose the location to move stock from, enter a description and then fill in the quantities of each stock item that is to be moved.

Click [Allocate Stock] to complete the stock movement.


2 From Stock Locations List

Click [Stock] on the main menu to load the stock locations list.

Find the location you want to transfer stock to and click the [arrows] button on that row, this takes you to the move stock page :

Select the from location and enter the number of each part to transfer and click [Allocate Stock] to complete the process.

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