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2.2 Purchase Orders

Category: Managing Stock

Stock can be replenished through purchase orders.  From the home page click ‘Products To Re-Order’.  This takes you to the products to re-order page.  For each location enter the products you want to order and the supplier for each product.  If the products have been set up with a preferred supplier this will be pre-filled :

Click [Create Purchase Order] to create purchase order(s) for the selected products.

Once the purchase order has been created the on-order qty for each item will be updated with the order quantity and the purchase order will show on the home page in ‘Outstanding PO’s’ section.

Purchase orders can be printed to PDF or emailed to suppliers using the buttons on the purchase order list

Once the purchase order has been delivered, click into the purchase order and set the delivered date, this will update the items on the purchase order moving the quantities from on-order to on-hand.


It is also possible to enter purchase orders manually – from a list of purchase orders click [+ add purchase order] button at the top of the list.  Enter the supplier, deliver to items, quantities and prices and click save.



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