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3. Products

Category: Products

Click [Set up]-[Products] to go to the list of product categories.  Click on one of the category names to view a list of products in that category.

Click a product name to open the product details

Important product detail fields

  • cost/price – this is list cost price and list sales price for the product, these are the default prices, customers and sites can have their own price lists.
  • inclusive hours – this is how many hours of labour are included with that stock item.  When calculating labour costs to add to a job, charges are not incurred for inclusive hours.  e.g. a standard callout product may include 2 hours labour.
  • don’t track stock – if you tick this box the system will not track stock for that item.  Use this for small consumables that you don’t monitor stock levels of or for service items where stock is not relevant.

Stock Tab

Clicking on the stock tab on product details shows all the stock for that product and where it is being held :

You can click [Add Stock] to enter stock at a new location.

Click a stock location name to edit the stock at that location :

For stock held at each location you can set the following details :

  • on-hand – this is the amount of stock of the product that is available at that location
  • on-order -this is the amount of stock of the product that has been ordered, but not yet delivered
  • re-order level – once stock falls below this level it will be flagged for re-order
  • re-order qty – the (default) amount of stock to re-order

These fields determine how stock is tracked and re-ordered.

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