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Create Your Own Forms, Send Them To The App And Manage In The Dashboard

Category: Tasks & Forms


You can create your own forms which can then be used to send tasks to your operatives via their mobile app.


1. Set Up A form

From the main menu select Setup->Forms, this takes you to a list of forms.  Click a form to edit or click [+] at the top of the list to add a new form

When editing a form enter the form name.  Then use the [+] button to add questions to the form.  You can add as many questions as you like.

Options on each question :

Answers – if your question has pre-determined answers enter the possible answers here separated by a comma

Type – type can be either Question or Photo.  If you set it to Question the app will prompt for a text answer,  if you set it to Photo the app will prompt for a photo.

You can also drag and drop your questions to change the order they are shown.

Save your form.


2.  Set Up A Task


Now you have a form you can send it to an operative by creating a task.  From the main dashboard click on tasks in progress.  This takes you to a list of tasks :

Click [+] button at the top of the list to add a new task

Enter the task details:

– the operative the task has been assigned to

– the form to use

– the scheduled date

– any additional notes

If you put a number in the “repeats” field a new task will be automatically created once this task has been completed.

Save the task


3. Complete In Mobile App


Your task will now show up on the operative’s mobile app.


They can click into the task and complete the questions / photo uploads.


Once finished they can save the task in the same way they save jobs.


4. Manage In Dashboard


The main dashboard shows overdue tasks that have not been completed and completed tasks that are ready to be checked.  Click to go through to the task list and then click individual tasks to set as checked or to print a pdf of a completed task.


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