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Handling Uplifts

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Contractors use uplifts when a job needs more work or materials than originally agreed upon.

Customers will often set a maximum amount for how much can be charged on a job.  If the value of the job exceeds this, the contractor must halt any work and ask their customer for an uplift.  Although this is a relatively simple process, managing uplifts for a large number of jobs can be time consuming and error prone.   Without effective management you can end up with lots of jobs and lots of revenue waiting around uncompleted while quotations are raised and sign-offs or purchase orders are chased.  While your jobs are waiting you will often have completed work that has not been invoiced, which is bad for cash-flow and extends your invoicing period.

TeamPoint provides a facility to generate uplift quotations which are linked to the original job.  Once completed these can be emailed directly to your customer and flow into our quotation tracking system ensuring they are monitored and followed up as required.  When an uplift is accepted the quoted items are transferred directly back to the original job.  Some jobs may even require multiple uplifts, which could create an admin nightmare of keeping track of all the extra items as well as which uplift they came from.  TeamPoint helps you manage this effortlessly, as each item is clearly linked to each uplift quotation and is automatically added to the original job on acceptance.  TeamPoint’s uplift system ensures the process runs smoothly and efficiently for any number of jobs,  so your operatives can get back on site, complete the work, keep your customer happy and invoices can be raised.

We are always looking to improve TeamPoint, part of this means adding to our software so that our customers have everything they need in one place. We want TeamPoint to be the only piece of software you ever need to manage your field service team, invoicing, tracking, route planning, all on one easy to use app. We eliminate monotonous, time-wasting tasks with automation, allowing you to be as efficient as possible and to focus on growing your business and making it more profitable.
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