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Managing Service Contracts

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Some of our customers are responsible for big contracts, servicing hundreds of sites all over the country. Each of these sites may require specific work and so scheduling and keeping track of each job can be very difficult.

TeamPoint uses service contracts to record information about sites; each site has its own service contract where details can be added such as job description, price, billing type, necessary equipment and frequency. The service dashboard gives an overview of your customers, showing accumulated payments and anything outstanding. You can view your service schedule for any customer, showing all active jobs and when they need to be completed.

TeamPoint is intelligent, it can suggest to automatically create new jobs as it learns patterns of how often certain tasks should be completed. This can also help to prevent human error as alerts sometimes warn the user if they try to do something out of the ordinary for the usual schedule. If, for example, someone attempts to reschedule the date on a job but instead makes two of the same job by accident, TeamPoint will spot that this job shouldn’t normally be done twice in one month and warn that this could be an error.

Our service contracts overview provides a forecast for the next 12 months based on the contracts you have accepted. The forecast shows projected time taken, revenue generated, number of sites serviced. You can also filter these by the type of job to see which of your services is generating the most money and which is taking up most of your time.

Overall, TeamPoint tries to keep large amounts of data in simple, visual overviews, while still allowing the user to view and edit individual jobs.

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