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New Operations Dashboard

Category: New Features

You can now access a new Operations Dashboard which shows all your job details broken down by job type and grouped by due date or scheduled date.

From the home page click on the operations header :



This takes you to the operations dashboard :


Left hand side of page

The first 3 tables show jobs ordered by due date split into -Not Scheduled-, -In Progress- and -Scheduled Not Sent to PDA-

The next table shows all scheduled jobs ordered by scheduled date

The final table shows all jobs in all exception queues.

All tables show one row for each job category.


Right hand side of page

This shows a list of jobs.  Click on any of the numbers on the LHS to fill the list of jobs on the RHS.

Click [Map] button to view the listed jobs on a map.

Click the [Schedule] button to view the listed jobs on the schedule.




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