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Portal Integration

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Some of your customers, usually the larger ones, may have their own online systems that you are required to use to send quotes, receive jobs, record site attendance and enter invoices.  These systems are usually called ‘Portals’.

Using customer portals can cause quite a few problems for your business, such as manually copying job details from one system to another, keeping on top of schedule or status changes and copying invoice details back the other way.  Getting your technicians to sign in to portals can also be difficult and some companies will not pay for jobs unless you have signed in & out on their portal or may issue fines for not signing in and out.  Handling lots of different portals for lots of jobs and ensuring your engineers do the right thing once on site can be a huge and expensive problem.

TeamPoint’s portal integrations help with this.  Our software can talk to many of these customer portals so we can automatically create jobs as they are assigned and then keep them up to date with any status or scheduling changes.  This is all done automatically by our software eliminating the need for your admin team to check multiple systems and copy information across.  We have several dashboards showing notifications of portal activity and highlighting any jobs that need attention.  Our mobile app includes the ability to sign in and out of customer portals which ensures your engineer complies with all customer requirements without leaving their app.

Our portal integrations can save your admin team and your field service team an incredible amount of time, can ensure you invoice your jobs promptly avoiding any fines and enable you to provide a much better service to your customers.

These are just some of the ways we use automation to make your business more efficient. We strive to make every step of managing a field service team as streamlined as possible. Our software can help save your business enormous amounts of time and money.

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