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Tracking MOT and service dates

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Vehicles three years or older require an annual MOT; this ensures all the different parts of your car meet legal standards so that it’s safe. It is also recommended to have most vehicles serviced at least once a year, or every 12,000 miles. This helps spot any small problems with the car and fixes them before they become real issues.

Field service businesses usually have fleets of vans which all need MOTs and servicing; keeping tracking of when each of these are due can be tricky, especially in larger businesses with big teams. Each vehicle has its own record in the TeamPoint system, these records contain the next service date and the next MOT date for that van. If a service date is within 30 days away, TeamPoint will create an alert on the summary page to notify the user that one or more vehicles are due servicing soon. If clicked, this takes you through to a page where you can view/edit both dates for all vehicles.

Having these reminders ensures you don’t miss any servicing appointments and that your vehicles remain in good condition. This helps prevent accidents, which saves money that would be spent on damages, and protects your team’s well-being.

While being a fairly simple feature, this is a very helpful tool which assists the user and makes their job that little bit easier, hopefully translating into more efficient operations and a happier workforce.

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