Teampoint Field Service Management software improves cashflow and profitability by streamlining your invoicing process.

As soon as your operative completes their work on site a report is sent into TeamPoint including client signatures and before and after photos. An invoice can be instantly generated at this point and sent to your customer with a signed worksheet that includes photographs.

This process ensures your work is fully documented, approved by the customer, correctly priced and your invoice is delivered instantly.

This can substantially reduce the time between completing a job and getting paid for the work. It ensures your customer has no grounds for rejecting your invoice or delaying payment.


TeamPoint can manage different  invoicing processes – consolidating work, batch invoicing, pre-payments, instalments and contracts, different delivery methods – print, email, portal and can integrate will all major accounts packages – Sage, Quickbooks, Xero and Netsuite.


TeamPoint improves your finance process, cashflow and profitability.

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