Operational Management

Operations is a critical part of any business.  It’s where most of your costs come from and where you can deliver the most customer satisfaction.

Effectively managing your service operation is vital to the success of your business.  Teampoint Field Service Management software offers a range of tools to help you manage operations and keep costs to a minimum.

We track operatives skillsets, vehicle locations and customer SLA’s.  We have three different scheduling tools.  We manage holidays, training and other absenses.  We track equipment on site and service dates.  We save access times and protocols for all your customers and sites.

We make sure you complete your jobs in the most efficient order without compromising customer service.  We make sure you never send the wrong person to a job, or go to a job without the necessary paperwork or attend when the site is closed.


Typically we can save 10% from the cost of running your service team.  For a team of 10 operatives this would be in the region of £50,000 per year – if you have more operatives the savings will be greater.

More importantly TeamPoint helps you to serve your customers better leading to improved customer satisfaction, repeat business and increased referrals.



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