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  •  Reduce expensive driving times
  •  Never go to a job without the necessary paperwork
  •  Easily see which customers need chasing up
  •  Send invoices instantly with before and after photos

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Teampoint Field Service Management Software (FMS)  helps you manage your field service team and the rest of your business operations.  It takes care of quotations, contracts, scheduling, job completion, certification and invoicing to ensure all your work gets completed on time, to specification and that your invoices get paid.

It will save you money, delight your customers and enable your business to grow.

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Save money
Delight your customers
Grow your business without the growing pains

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Hear what our customers think about TeamPoint

I highly recommend the TeamPoint product and service

Having worked with TeamPoint now for some years, I can only heap praise on the excellent approach, clear thinking and positive response we receive. From initial exploration of the system to implementation and on going support and upgrades, Leon and his team have always found a way to solve any issues that inevitably arise. They are solved quickly and with minimum fuss.

The system itself is clean, easy to use and has had a major positive impact on our business. After trialling more than a dozen software packages (all to no avail) TeamPoint has become so important to us, providing every level of information we require. We use the system for end to end operations from initial enquiry to final invoice incorporating quotations, projects, installations, reactive and planned maintenance. The system gives us real time information on our engineers locations and allows us to program straight from map view. All in all I highly recommend the TeamPoint product and service.

Richard Allen, Company Owner

Leon and his team had our system live and working within only 6 weeks!

After becoming increasingly frustrated trying to implement a new system with another service provider, Leon and his team had our system live and working within only 6 weeks! Since then, they have worked closely with us to adapt and develop the system to meet our needs. This has given us much greater visibility, efficiency and reporting which has helped us to make better informed decisions, ultimately leading to an increase in profitability.

The support that Leon's team have given us since using the TeamPoint product has been exceptional and helped to transform our business, I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Scott Fixter, Operations Director

TeamPoint underpins everything we do

TeamPoint underpins everything we do – is easy and intuitive to use, with great reporting and dashboard tools for monitoring performance. We can clearly see what workload is outstanding and allows targets for completion to be set and we are able to monitor against this. The TeamPoint staff are friendly individuals who know the business well and can offer insight and proposed solutions, with a fast turnaround time.

The system works well for both office users and field users – everyone gets what they need from the system and it supports individuals at all levels across the organisation to be able to undertake their role, with full visibility and monitoring and reporting as required.

Julie Sutton, Operations Director

For me it is the personalised, professional and dedicated client service we consistently receive

My experience of working with TeamPoint shows they have innovative and problem solving mindsets and approaches. They actively listen to a clients current issues and try to find solutions rather than allowing the client to attempt to find a technical solution themselves, leaving it to the experts. This is helpful and forms a trusted relationship.

For me it is the personalised, professional and dedicated client service we consistently receive. Nothing is too big of an ask, it is very collaborative and often feels like one big team! The relationship is solid and professional, with a problem solving mindset and personal one time to one client management, enabling a really collaborative and close partnership.

I would definitely recommend TeamPoint. They’re quick thinking, focussed, dedicated and fun to work with and I have trust in their ability to deliver all client needs. I think the one to one client meetings and practical system use observations are highly helpful to identify if it is client training needs or real system issues. Keep those up as it keeps things honest between parties!

Rebecca Homer, Lean/Agile Consultant, Operational Excellence Leader

They totally understand us and provide the tools to do exactly what we need to do.

TeamPoint provide us with advanced IT software. Their products and service have greatly contributed to the success of our company for many years. They totally understand us and provide the tools to do exactly what we need to do.

Using TeamPoint we have complete visibility of our technicians around the country, and benefit from live job tracking which allows us to plan efficiently and effectively. I would definitely recommend this company in the future

Debbie Sarson-Lowe, Commercial Director

The team are always contactable to provide expert guidance, advice and solutions whatever the issue

TeamPoint provide expert and reliable IT solutions delivered to meet and exceed your expectations. The team are always contactable to provide expert guidance, advice and solutions whatever the issue and whenever your need is. TeamPoint have built our internal system which is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our business. It is undoubtable that the ongoing development continues to have a positive effect across many aspects of our business delivery.

Leon and the team are extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about their business and provide prompt and permanent solutions. They always put the customer at the forefront of everything they do and will often think outside the box to provide the most effective solution

Mike Whittaker, Senior Account Manager (McDonalds Account)

Field Service Management Software, Tailored to Your Needs
Field Service Management Software, Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a personalised, hands-on service. We take the time and effort to understand your business and how you work so we can provide the best possible solution and make a real impact on your business.

Our system is highly configurable so it can be tailored to match your business perfectly.

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Saving Your Business Time and Money
Saving Your Business Time and Money

Scheduling jobs in the correct order. Sending the right person to each job. Reducing driving time and miles covered. Including signatures and photos with your invoices. Tracking quotations and surveys.

TeamPoint manages all this and more, ensuring your business operates smoothly and efficiently and reducing costs.

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