Aquarius Group

Since installing TeamPoint in 2019 we’re doing 3 times as many jobs but haven’t needed to recruit any new administrators, saving us around £50,000 every year

Aquarius Group supply, install and service a range of grease trap solutions to the UK’s leading restaurants, hotels and commercial caterers. Their fleet of vans operate nationwide completing hundreds of service visits every week.

Aquarius Group

The problem

Aquarius had experienced significant sales growth to their predominantly planned maintenance business . The business was running on whiteboards, spreadsheets, email and paper worksheets which had worked well initially but was starting to fail as the business grew. 

They wanted a system which would allow them to move their paper process into digital forms and provide tools to help manage jobs, schedules, diaries and engineers. A key requirement was that planned maintenance jobs would be grouped into runs and scheduled to field engineers on a routine basis. It was also important that the field engineer interface was pared back and super easy to log job attendance.

Aquarius had developed great processes for their business which they had run manually.  They knew exactly how to organise their work and were looking for a system that could take the processes they had spent years perfecting and move them onto a digital platform.

The solution

TeamPoint arranged a discovery session with Aquarius to identify the goals they were seeking to achieve and the processes used by the business. They put together a proposal which would move them from paper and spreadsheets onto a single digital platform that managed all aspects of the business.

Forms and worksheets used by office staff and engineers were replicated into TeamPoint. Customers, suppliers, sites, operatives and planned maintenance contracts were loaded. Routes were built, optimised and allocated to engineers. Documents and branding were added to keep the existing look and feel of quotes, worksheets and invoices

With a high volume of daily jobs being completed by Aquarius it was vital that the transition to the new system did not cause any interruption in business continuity. TeamPoint placed a member of their support team on site for go-live day to ensure a smooth transition and to handle any last minute training issues.

Aquarius were up and running and enjoying the benefits of a fully digital business management system within only 6 weeks of the initial meeting.

The outcome

Since installation Aquarius have continued to grow and are now completing 3 times as many jobs as when they started with TeamPoint in 2019. Importantly, this additional work is managed without taking on any more office staff. TeamPoint has supported impressive business growth and enabled Aquarius to increase revenue without increasing overhead.

TeamPoint took the time to come to see us and to understand our business, so when it came to start using the system everything was simple.

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