Completing a Site Survey

How to see surveys that have been assigned to you. Add photos and survey details and save the completed survey back to TeamPoint.

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In this video we're going to look at completing a site surveyin the Teampoint mobile app. In the previous video we used the Desktop Office app to enter the site survey details, to asssign an operative and to set a date and time.

We're now in the operatives view, the operative is using either a phone or tablet usually, they could use laptop but more likely a phone or tablet in the field, to pull down all their work and to go and complete the work.

This is the homepage of the Teampoint mobile app. We're going go into the jobs and quotes section which is where we'll see all the work that's been assigned to us. We click jobs and quotes, we can see here I've been assigned three different site surveys. This is all the work that's been given to me for this particular day, it may be that I would have jobs in here to do as well but in this example we only have site surveys to do.

There are a few other different things we can see on this page there's a there's a map option at the top here where we can see a map of a whole day. If I click on there it will take us to a Google map showing all the stops all the different surveys and the route that I need to take for the job. On each survey we can preview the survey or we can get directions. We can get Google Map directions, if we click this button here. We can have this in our van and it will give us directions to site, it will get us straight to our job.

We're not gonna worry too much about those details at the moment we're just going to go straight into our site survey and complete the details. All we have to do to achieve that is to click on the survey details here. We click on here, which takes us into the survey details screen.

There's lots of information in here, most of it is supporting information, it's here for us to refer to if we need it. We have a full site description with contacts, addresses, emails and phone numbers. We have an asset register for the equipment registered on site. We can view documents, if we've uploaded any documents against the site or against the job, we will be able to see them in here. There's also notes and previous service history.

We won't worry too much about these sections at the moment as we're only looking at completing the site survey. To start the site survey we just click Start Survey button. If for some reason we can't complete the survey there's an unable to proceed button and there's various things that we can add - maybe we can't get access, maybe there's nobody on site, maybe we don't have the right permits to to enter. Whatever it may be there's a whole system for tracking unable to proceed.

For now we're just going to start the survey and complete the survey. We click the Start Survey button, this opens up a survey form. Out of the box we have a very simple survey form, this is completely configurable from within Teampoint. We can change the survey form to suit our business and we can have multiple different survey forms for different kinds of surveys.

For this example we've just kept everything really simple. All we're asking for in our survey is a photo of the outside of the building, a photo or multiple photos of the work area and the equipment that we're going to work on and a description of the works required. That's it, if we wanted extra questions in here extra prompts for photos we could even add line items, we could add stock onto here and prices if we wanted to that's all configurable within Teampoint.

But for this example we're going to keep everything really simple. The first thing we have to do is a photo to the outside of the site so we just click Add Photo. We could also add a video but in this example we'll just add a photo. Because I'm doing this on a computer it's opening up the file browser for me, if you're on a phone it will prompt for the camera or the gallery you can go to either. I'm going to select a photo of the front of the building, we'll use this one there it is.

The next question it prompts me for is a photo of the working area or the equipment that we're going to work on. We'll add some photos here. I want to add three so let's just choose these three slightly random photos but you get the idea. We've now added three photos of the working area and the equipment that we're going to work on. We can also add a description of the works that are required the survey description from the office is survey kitchen area for a full refurb so let's say this is going to be something like remove 12 times floor cabinets, remove 8 times wall units, repair floor refit cabinets, refit new cabinets and worktops. We're going to estimate 8 days labour for instance.

Now this is quite a simple survey as I said. It may be that we would want to add materials in here, we might want to specify things in a little bit more detail. We might take serial numbers of equipment, we might want to log what kind of fridges and cookers and sinks that they have on site. For this example, we just keep everything simple. We click complete survey here and then we click submit and now our survey is complete.

All of those details have been pushed back. into the office and we can move on to our next survey

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