Creating a Site Survey

This video explains how to create a site survey. Sometimes we need to attend site before we can do a quote to survey the works required, the video explains how this is done in TeamPoint.

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In this video we're going to look at how to perform a site survey within Teampoint

Lots of quotes will start with a site survey where we want to send somebody to site to review the works that needs to be done, possibly to workout, which materials we might need, evaluate the equipment that's on site like serial numbers, makes, models, all of that kind of thing.

Not all quotes start with the site survey, some quotes we can do from the office, in which case we wouldn't need the site survey stage, but lots of them do and this is how you do it within TeamPoint.

We start with the menu on the left hand side, we select new and then we select quote, because our site survey is type of quote

Quote for, we could choose work order, service contract or project, we'll keep things simple for now and we'll just quote for a work order. This is just for a relatively straightforward piece of workto be done so we choose work order.

Quote type is either quoted work, where we would just quote direct from the office, or site survey means we can book someone to attend site first. That's what we're trying to do today so we choose site survey.

We now choose the site from this drop down here, we just start typing it will find the site for us if it's in our database, if it's not we can create a new site. We'll choose one, I'll start typing this finds me all the matches within the system. I'm going to choose this one, this is where we want the survey to take place.

The system then gives us some additional information about this site, it tells us how many jobs and quotes we have already, tells us the last time a job was created, this is all background information to help us while we're entering the survey details.

Work requested, so let's say survey kitchen area for full refurb. We want someone to go check the kitchen out so that we can refurb the kitchen.

Customer reference, we can leave blank for now

The salesperson, that's defaulted to my user account, so that's fine we can leave that as it is, we could change it if we wanted to.

We could save at this point but we're also going to schedule the quote now, which is booking our operative onto the quote. I'm going to click here and that opens the scheduling section, we select our operative, here we go that's my user. We choose the date we want the survey to be performed, so that's today, we choose this time we want to perform the survey, and the approximate duration of the survey

We're going to set this to dispatched, which means that it will get issued straight to our technicians mobile device, they'll pick it up in the field immediately.

We click save, that has now entered a site survey onto the system, booked a technician onto the site survey and issued the survey to our operative.

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