“Since we installed TeamPoint in 2019 we’re doing 3 times as many jobs but haven’t needed to recruit any new administrators. TeamPoint is a really important part of our business and has helped us grow.”

Nik Rogers, Aquarius

Industry: Grease Management


Aquarius supply, install and service a range of grease trap solutions to the UK’s leading restaurants, hotels and commercial caterers.

“As our business grew we needed a reliable system that would manage sales, operations, compliance and invoicing. Prior to approaching TeamPoint we were using a range of systems including paper, spreadsheets, whiteboards. TeamPoint came to see us and took the time to understand our business, so when it came to start using the system everything was simple.”



Aquarius had experienced significant sales and service growth. Reliant on spreadsheets, email and paper worksheets they were looking for a system which would provide the tools needed to run their national service operation. This included a system which help manage their growing planned maintenance portfolio. They wanted a system which would allow them to move their paper process into digital forms and provide tools to help manage jobs, schedules, diaries and engineers.

A key requirement was a system which would allow planned maintenance jobs to be grouped and scheduled to field engineers on a routine basis. It was also important that the field engineer interface could run on any device and matched their specific business operation.

As a predominantly planned maintenance business Aquarius wanted a system which would allow them to grow their service network without increasing the size of the administration team. They wanted tools which would assist with job management, routing and workflows. Aquarius contacted TeamPoint Software.


TeamPoint arranged a discovery session with Aquarius to identify the goals they were seeking to achieve and also identify all processes and forms used by the business. TeamPoint put together a proposal which would move the business from the previous paper and spreadsheet tools into an all in-one digital environment where jobs would be created, assigned to an operative, completed in field on mobile and invoiced – all in the same system.

Aquarius reviewed the solution presented and instructed TeamPoint to proceed. As part of the installation TeamPoint created a test system. TeamPoint replicated all forms and worksheets used by office staff and engineers into TeamPoint to allow the business to run without paper. All customers, suppliers, sites, operatives and contractors were loaded into the test system. Then all planned maintenance contracts jobs were loaded into the TeamPoint system with routes built and optimised.

To cater for a specific task unique to Aquarius’ field operation TeamPoint built a bespoke site process which allowed for even greater efficiency. Once the test system had been built it was tested by Aquarius to ensure it matched their exact operational requirements. Testing was completed and TeamPoint planned the go-live date.

Training was provided to the Aquarius office team and field staff both on premise and on-line. To provide added skills in-house TeamPoint put in place TeamPoint champions in each team to handle and support. Field engineers were trained to use the system and were able to do so using their mobile phone removing the need for any other hardware.

With a high volume of daily jobs being completed by Aquarius it was vital that the transition to the new system did not cause any interruption in business continuity.

TeamPoint planned and agreed the Go-live date. The Go-live process was completed without problems and Aquarius were up and running and enjoying the benefits of TeamPoint within just 6 weeks from the initial meeting.


Since installation Aquarius have continued to grow and are now completing 3 times the work that was being completed prior to installation. Importantly thanks to TeamPoint Software this added work is undertaken without taking on any more office staff. TeamPoint has enabled Aquarius to increase revenue without increasing overhead.


“Since we installed TeamPoint in 2019 we’re doing 3 times as many jobs but haven’t needed to recruit any new administrators. TeamPoint is a really important part of our business and has helped us grow.”


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