We’ve worked  hard to make TeamPoint simple to use

Software shouldn’t be complicated. At TeamPoint we have developed a product which is easy to navigate and simple to use – whilst containing some of the most powerful features in it’s class.

TeamPoint’s evolution has been driven by our customers. We have built a system which contains all of the features you need to run your business and we also provide advanced tools which can automate your business such as field job optimisation, SMS and more.

See below highlights of TeamPoint, for a full demonstration please click the contact page to book and an on-line appointment with one of our experts.

System Highlights

Powerful Dashboards

Dashboards put critical information at your fingertips.  Dashboards include Global View, Service Manager, Finance Manager, Sales Manager and Sales Person. Each Dashboard provides key metrics and numbers can be clicked and drilled into putting you in total control.

In System Notes and Actions

Use TeamPoint’s notes instead of internal email. Notes can be added to all items in the system from jobs to sites and customers. Users can assign notes to other users as actions and these will be visible on their user dashboard. With TeamPoint’s notes everything is logged providing better customer service and better team-working.

Easy Navigation

With it’s clean and simple interface TeamPoint is as easy to navigate as your favourite website. The navigation bar allows you to move between areas of the system and you can open multiple tabs for maximum productivity.

Simple to use

Adding a quote or job is quick and simple with TeamPoint. Notifications can be sent to customers automatically and powerful tools provide useful functionality such as recognising if a PO number has already been used.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

From drag and drop scheduling to automatic job assignment based on skill-set and region TeamPoint makes managing your service team easy. Quick view functions show you how much each engineer is billing and how much travel is costing. All jobs are colour-coded showing status so you can where your teams are at all times.

Connect your Field Team

TeamPoint Mobile provides everything your field team needs. Jobs can be accepted and pre-works checks (such as RAMS and before photos) can be enforced prior to starting. Technicians can view site and previous service history without having to call the office. Other functions include equipment/vehicle checks, timesheets, van stock and commissions.

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