About Us

TeamPoint was launched in 2011 with a mission to provide a total business operations management system with simplicity and ease of use at it’s core. Since then we have built a strong customer base and are proud to have a 100% customer retention rate.


We provide our software to companies in a variety of sectors including:


  • Building Services
  • Compliance
  • Drainage
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Pump Services
  • Refrigeration Maintenance
  • Water Treatment

Our typical customer will have 2-200 staff and we work with companies from small businesses up to PLC listed clients. Whatever your size of operation TeamPoint can help.


Custom Built Around Your Business

We know all businesses are different. The Key to our success is taking the time to understand your business and understand what you are looking to achieve with the software.

Our five-step tailored programme ensures we create a system which fits your business needs.


Learning About Your Business

Firstly, we spend time learning about how you run your business, what key information is important to you, and how your company operates. We will then repeat the process with your leadership team, support staff, field and warehouse staff. From this we build up an operational map of how your business runs. This is all carried out at a fixed cost for you. We will take as much time is needed in this stage. We pride ourselves on getting it right first time which prevents problems later on.

Once we have completed the discovery phase we will put together a proposal for how all processes will run through TeamPoint. This will include manual processes and also suggestions for process automation (including our AI automation engine) where possible. A by-product of this process review is we often help to highlight areas where you can make existing process more efficient.


Building Your Software

We configure the software to match your business’s needs as closely as possible. In some cases, where you have a specific business process that you need support that is not covered by TeamPoint, we will develop custom modifications to the system. We then load the system with your data, so all your customers, sites, and products are visible in a test environment.



Once we’ve built your system we will check with you that we’ve done everything correctly. This will be via a test system where we will work with you and run through all processes to ensure it works to your requirements. Once you are 100% satisfied will we move to the next phase which is to plan the go-live date of your new TeamPoint system.



We built TeamPoint to be as easy to use as the best e-commerce websites. It is clean, simple and intuitive. This makes training straightforward and user feedback is typically very positive. Prior to going live, we will work with you and put together a training plan for all staff using the system. This will include both initial on-site training and follow-up on-line training. We advise appointing a ‘TeamPoint champion’ in each team to carry through training for new staff once the initial training is completed.



It is essential that moving to a new system is carefully planned and correctly executed. The care and attention TeamPoint put into this is the core to our values. We will plan and manage all aspects from training to data imports to ensure a smooth transition to your new TeamPoint system. On go-live, we will be on-site to ensure your team has all the support they need.

Ongoing support

Choosing the right technology partner is a hugely important decision. TeamPoint are here to support you as your business grows. From system to modifications to data imports we are on hand whenever you need us.